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Stargardt’s Disease

A scene as it might be viewed by a person with...

A scene as it might be viewed by a person with age-related macular degeneration/ Stargardt’s Disease. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While macular degeneration generally is associated with older people, an inherited form macular degeneration is called Stargardt’s disease, which can affect children and young adults. Stargardt’s Disease affects approximately one in 10,000 people and like macular degeneration is characterized by central vision loss early in life.

Because vision loss often is common with young children with Stargardt’s, an advanced low vision evaluations is recommended. A low vision specialist will

  • Discover the amount of vision the patient has.
  • Find out the amount of vision needed to do the task desired.
  • Determine the best magnification device that allows the person to do the task.

Low Vision Devices can include telescope eyeglasses, microscope eyeglasses, prismatic eyeglasses, E-Scoop glasses.

With the latest technology and Dr. Azman’s 38 years of knowledge and expertise in advance low vision, we customize hands-free low vision glasses that allow you the freedom to drive, read smaller print, view street signs, and see your grandchildren and friends across the room.

Dr. Azman is a low vision specialists trained by the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS).

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Ever look through a pair of field glasses or binoculars? Things look bigger and closer, and easier to see. Low Vision Specialists of Maryland and Virginia are using miniaturized binoculars and/or telescopes to help people with vision loss from the following conditions:

Macular Degeneration
: Wet or Dry
Diabetic Retinopathy
Stargardt’s disease
Glaucoma and other vision limiting conditions


Dr. Thomas Azman O.D.

Dr. Thomas Azman O.D.

Low Vision Specialists of Maryland and Virginia offer you a FREE telephone consultation with Dr. Thomas Azman, Low-Vision Specialists with over 38 years of experience. Dr. Azman provides low vision evaluations, designs customized prescription low vision glasses, low vision Nutritional Information, and offers House calls! Dr. Azman helps those with vision loss.

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