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Low Vision Aids

Low Vision Aids: What’s best for you?

1. Prescription Telescopes Glasses: Designed for tasks requiring enhanced central vision and mobility. Prescription telescopes glasses can be used for seeing the faces of your family members, driving (See your State DMV Laws), watching television, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

2. Prescription Microscope Glasses: A double lens systems that combines your eyeglass prescription, as well as the amount of magnification needed to enhance your vision. The amount of magnification depends on the level of remaining vision and the size of the material to be seen.

3. Low Vision Prismatic Glasses: Prismatic lenses can be a single or double lens system, and incorporate prism to allow your eyes to work together.  They are beneficial for patients whose eyes are approximately equal in vision and do not require high magnification.

4. E-Scoop® Glasses:  Developed to bridge the gap between standard eyeglasses and telescope glasses. E-Scoop lenses are placed in front of your normal prescription eyeglassesescoop to assist with some of the difficulties caused by Macular Degeneration: cloudy vision, driving at night, bright lights, sunlight.

Low Vision Specialists of Maryland and Virginia provide advanced low vision exams to provide the best low vision aids for each individual patient. Dr. Azman, a member of IALVS,, has been trained in the physics, optics and the use of high powered lens systems. With over 38 years of low vision experience, he has the knowledge of the different multitudes of low vision glasses, magnifiers, electronic and non-optical devices available.

Dr. Azman’s Low Vision Evaluation takes approximately 2 or more hours directly working with each patient. Dr. Azman has the compassion and empathy for what the patient and family is going through as well as the knowledge, resources and experience to help them adjust to the difficult situation. Specializing at designing and customizing low vision glasses to meet the needs of the each patient, Dr. Azman is 98% successful!

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